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In addition to writing about health for The Hill, I’ve written for Nature Medicine, Vox, The Scientist, Live Science, and others.

Youth mental health is still in crisis and parents are worried
January 2023, The Hill

Four areas of health innovation boosted by the pandemic
June 2022, Nature Medicine

Study suggests pandemic has made antimicrobial resistance worse in some hospital patients
May 2022, The Hill

Pandemic babies may need to catch up on immunizations
March 2022, The Hill

We need to define when a pandemic becomes endemic
February 2022, The Hill

Did you (or your dog) eat a suspicious mushroom? These very online mycologists want to help
November 2021, Vox
Featured on the podcast Recode Daily in December 2021

Antimicrobial resistance could get worse during the coronavirus pandemic
October 2020, The Hill

How herd immunity happens, and will it protect us from coronavirus?
July 2020, The Hill

Data Thieves Are Targeting Dead People’s Social Media Accounts
April 2020, OneZero by Medium

Answers in excrement: Fecal analysis yields insight about wild primates
January 2020, Mongabay

Is It Safe To Eat Roadkill?
November 2019, Live Science

How Do Compasses Tell Which Way Is North at the South Pole?
October 2019, Live Science

Pregnant Moms’ Air Pollution Exposure May Affect Babies’ Health
September 2019, The Scientist

It’s Safe to Follow the Vaccine Schedule for Babies. Here’s Why.
September 2019, Live Science

Smart Pills Help Monitor Cancer Patients’ Therapy
July 2019, The Scientist

Technique Improves Use of Hair for Drug Tests
May 2019, The Scientist

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